Case History

QED's products have been successfully used for over 30 years around the world, the list below is a small number of the more interesting projects QED have been involved in.

Holt Fleet Bridge2

Holt Fleet Bridge - Designed by Thomas Telford and opened in 1828 over the River Severn at Holt, Worcestershire, UK. Grade II listed structure. It was strengethened when the struts were encased in concrete in 1928.            Repaired in 2011. Now protected by QED Margel 580

New Hall Cambridge University

New Hall, Cambridge University, UK. Repaired in 2001. Product : Margel 580

ISOKON Building - London, UK. Repaired in 2002. Grade 1 Heritage Building. Designed by Wells-Coates and completed in 1934. Product used : Margel 580

1280px-Embassy Court

Embassy Court, Brighton - Grade II Heritage Building designed and completed by Wells-Coates in 1935. Protected with - Margel580 - repaired in 2004

Marriott Hotel - Marble Arch London

                                Fawley Powerstation, Hampshire - repaired with Margel 580 - circa 1990

   High Point I -Highgate, London - Designed by Lubetkin, structure designed by Arup and built by Kier in 1935. Repaired with Margel 580 in 2000’s.

                                          Priestman Point, Bow, London - repaired with Margel 580

                                                     Clifton Bridge, York - repaired with Margel 580

                                           RFA Lyme Bay - protected with Margel Marine Protection -2011

New County Hall, Truro - protected with QED Anti-Carb C - Contractor Gunite Eastern - 2012/13

Barrie Estate London

Barrie Estate - London

Bevin Court London

Bevin Court, London - designed by Lubetkin and completed in 1954 - Bevin Court was built on the site that was formally Lenin’s home and was going to be called Lenin Court. - repaired with Margel 580 in 2010 by Primars Ltd


Market Hall, Shrewsbury

Priory Heights London

Priory Heights, London

St James House 1

St James House, London

Fortune Theater Covent Garden

The Fortune Theatre, Covent Garden, London

kensal house

Kensal House, London - Grade II listed building designed in 1936 by Maxwell Fry and social reformer Elizabeth Denby. Repaired and protected by Margel 580.


RFA Mounts Bay - Margel580Marine - March 2015

Brighton Pavilion

Royal Brighton Pavilion - Protected with Margel580 - 2012 - Grade I listed - initially built in 1787 as a holiday home for the Prince of Wales. Extended by the architect John Nash in 1815.

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