Concrete Repair

QED’s Margel VPI580 is a patented solution for the concrete repair industry to protect rebar embedded within concrete structures.

Margel VPI580 is proven both in the field over the last 30+ years on many 1000’s of concrete repair works as well as in various laboratory test carried out by independent laboratories using a range of scientific analysis techniques.

All products within QED’s system are manufactured under ISO9001, please refer to individual product Technical Data Sheets and MSDS for more detailed information.

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                Isokon building repaired using Margel 580™

Recommended Repair Procedure when using Margel VPI580

  • Breakout and remove all loose material in the area to be repaired, ensuring that spalled concrete is taken back to the reinforcing steel. Structurally inspect the reinforcing steel and replace/reinforce as necessary
  • Reinstate the profile of the existing structure using high quality concrete repair mortar
  • Prior to inserting the Margel™ 580, mark out the locations to be drilled on the surface of the structure, with respect to the locations of the reinforcing steel to be protected. Ensure a minimum of 2 cartridges per square metre of surface area are installed. Holes should be drilled to a minimum depth of 55mm using a 20mm diameter drill bit.  Insert the Margel™ cartridge, using a small piece of backing-rod (10-30mm diameter) to hold in place. 
  • Infill the hole flush to the profile with concrete repair mortar 
  • Finally apply either a clear or coloured  anti-carbonation coating to the entire structure.

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