Corrosion Prevention

QED Chemicals can provide a large range of anti-corrosion products for all types of corrosion issues. We have supplied corrosion prevention solutions all around the world for protection of steel and other metals in many differing scenarios. If there is a corrosion issue not listed, we can provide assistance in the appropriate solution for you. 

Oil and Gas Pipelines; Using our spray applied Margel595HT and 595C products we can provide effective, economical long term protection to external surfaces. Especially where CUI is prevalent. 

Steel Structures; By spray applying Margel onto the exterior surface of steel structures we can provide long term protection. We can supply this as a water based solution that will actively migrate once applied forming a chemically bonded layer of protection that prevents corrosion or further corrosion over a long period of time, requiring zero maintenance.

Concrete Structures; QED are pioneers in chemical concrete repair techniques, creating the worlds first anti-corrosion solution for concrete structures in the 1980’s. Margel VPI 580 was first trialed in the UK at Fawley Power station near Southampton. After many years of testing and changing the attitude to concrete repair - Margel 580 has now been installed in 2000+ structures - extending the life and saving building owners millions of pounds in maintenance.  Some of our prominent jobs are listed in CASE HISTORY and EXTENDED CASE HISTORY

SHIPS; Our Margel Marine products have been used around the world to protect ship hulls from hidden corrosion. Typically installed into the void areas between inner and out hulls, Margel will provide long term protection to hidden areas of ships.


Margel has been extensively tested - please contact QED directly for more details

Visual examples of how Margel works as a migrating corrosion inhibitor; Click HERE for examples.

Margel is a combined migrating corrosion inhibitor that has been formulated by QED to provide fast acting, long term protection to steel. Proven to migrate even through dense concrete, Margel will bond to fresh bright steel or well corroded steel - eliminating any further corrosion for a long period of time. 

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