Oil and Gas

Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry


Pipelines; to combat corrosion on pipelines QED manufactures corrosion inhibitors to address CUI that work in extremes of temperature and can be used to provide a level of insurance that no other product can provide. Once applied, engineers and plant operators can have the peace of mind, knowing that other than occasional spot checks, pipes covered by insulation can be guaranteed to be corrosion free with no risk of leaks. QED’s corrosion products are the only active ingredients proven to combat CUI, other companies can provide passive protection.

Plant; similar to the protection we can offer to Pipelines, QED can provide advanced solutions that provide complete protection from corrosion to plant structure, whether onshore or offshore. 


Boilers/Pumps; QED supply corrosion inhibitors for internal protection of closed loop boiler systems / water cooling systems and to protect standby pumps and piping from corrosion whislt stored. 

Tanks; QED can provide a water based spray applied corrosion inhibitor that can be applied to the external surfaces of storage tanks which are then covered by insulation and a laminated foil based cladding to protect from surface corrosion.

CUI Pictures; Corrosion Under Insulation is often the hidden time bomb that left unchecked causes oil leaks, significant plant downtime and envrionmental disasters. Pictures below are real life examples showing how significant the problem is.

Below are two pictures of a 12 year old 6 inch SCH Hydrocarbon line that has corroded whilst being covered by insulation, corrosion occurred at every insulation joint - costing Exxon over $460,000 to correct. 

Below (2 pictures) is a 30inch light hydrocarbon line running at 82C - after 4.5 years - siginificant corrosion was established in the lower sections of the pipe - resulting in a >$400k repair bill

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