MARGEL VPI 580 :  MARGEL™ VPI 580™ is a patented vapour phase corrosion inhibitor, which is inserted within the concrete structure close to the reinforcing steel. The product has been specifically developed to ensure the corrosion inhibiting vapours are released over a period of 12-48 months. This results in a well bonded layer of corrosion inhibitor around the reinforcing steel resulting in a passivated protective layer that blocks chloride, water and oxygen lasting up to 20 years.VPI580™ has been succesfully used on over 2000 individual projects with no failures reported, saving many 100s of millions in building costs.

MARGEL 595C : QED's high performance anti-corrosion coating for steel.  Suitable for cold weather use. It is water dispersed and solvent free for minimal environmental impact. Containing active corrosion inhibitors that form well bonded layers on both new and heavily corroded steel surfaces. This product is suitable for a variety of uses, from protecting steel structures, piles, suspension cable conduits, engine components and pipes , basically anywhere steel corrosion is problematic. With no requirement to prep the effected area, 595C is simple to apply and is an economic way of extending life in corrosion problems. 

MARGEL 595HT : High Temperature version of the 595C above, formulated for exterior of oil and gas pipelines and tested to perform at temperatures from 30c upto 185c. Addresses the problem of CUI (Corrosion Under Insulation) by providing a highly effective protective solution compatabile with existing coatings for easy application. 

MARGEL VPI 580 MARINE : Our Marine product is based on our highly sucessfull Margel formulae supplied in cartridge form. Typically this is used to protect steel box structures from corrosion for a period of upto 10 years between replacement intervals.

Cooling Water Treatment Chemicals : QED is able to offer a full range of products to maintain water condition and eliminate corrosion to both ferrous and non-ferrous materials in closed loop scenarios.

Oil and Gas Products : QED is able to supply bespoke products for the Oil & Gas industry. From corrosion inhibitors to protect the internal parts of pumps (both in dry storage and operation) through to the protection of Oil Pipelines from external corrosion / CUI (corrosion under insulation)  - Margel 595HT

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